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Refreshing the Tarrant Guitars Website

A solid website can significantly enhance a business’s impact, much like the first note played on a finely crafted guitar. That’s why Tarrant Guitars, managed by Master Luthier Billy Tarrant in Tasmania, needed an online space that truly reflected the quality of his craftsmanship and made it easy for customers to interact.

The original Tarrant Guitars website had a lot of character but failed to effectively showcase Billy’s artisan skills or facilitate easy customer interaction. The main goal was to create a website that not only demonstrated the quality of his guitars but also simplified the customer journey.

We made several key changes to upgrade the website:

  • Platform Transition: We moved the website to WordPress to improve functionality and site management.
  • Visual Design: We introduced a darker theme to enhance the visual appeal of the guitars, aligning with the product quality.
  • Content Strategy: I revised the website’s content to more accurately reflect Billy’s dedication to guitar making.
  • Homepage: The new homepage is welcoming, featuring high-quality images and each section provides a CTA to direct you into the internal pages of the site.

The redesigned Tarrant Guitars website now more effectively communicates the brand’s message. The changes have aligned the site’s design and content with the high standards of Billy’s craft, resonating well with both new and existing clients.

This project required adapting my usual design approach to better align with Tarrant Guitars, emphasising the importance of a website in mirroring business values.

You can check out the new and improved Tarrant Guitars Website here