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Unwrapping the Redesigned Devonport Chamber of Commerce Website

Hey there, awesome people! Erica here, and I’m super excited to share some recent work – the fresh new Devonport Chamber of Commerce website. We made the leap from WIX to WordPress, sprinkled in a bit of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) magic, and gave this digital space a serious makeover.

Crafting Perfection with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Let’s dive into the tech stuff, shall we? Shifting to WordPress wasn’t just a switch; it was like stepping into the future, all thanks to Advanced Custom Fields. With this powerhouse tool, we customised every corner of the website. Essentially, we tailored it to be a perfect fit for the Devonport Chamber of Commerce.

Smooth Transition in the Digital Realm

Moving platforms can be a bit tricky, especially when you’ve been cozy on the old one for a while. In this redesign, WordPress brought a breath of fresh air. While the WIX site was still functional, the move to WordPress opened up scalability and a toolkit of plugins, setting the stage for increased functionality in the future.

What’s on the Horizon?

Like all of our clients, the Devonport Chamber of Commerce website is like a living, breathing entity, and we’re not hitting pause anytime soon. Updates, enhancements, and staying on the cutting edge of design trends – it’s all part of the plan.

In a nutshell, this redesign was a labor of love. From waving goodbye to WIX to embracing WordPress and weaving in the ACF magic, it was an enjoyable rebuild!

Keep an eye on the Devonport Chamber of Commerce website because we’re turning this digital space into a masterpiece that evolves and captivates.