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Creating a Custom Digital Space for Emma Pratt, Psychologist: A Journey with WIX

We pride ourselves on crafting websites that are not only functional but also beautiful and tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our recent project with Emma Pratt, a psychologist with 15 years of experience in supporting neurodivergent individuals, particularly Autistic people and those with ADHD, was a perfect example of this commitment.

Emma’s website needed to be more than just an online presence. It had to reflect her extensive expertise, her welcoming and supportive approach, and the specialised services she offers. Here’s how we brought her vision to life using the WIX platform.

Building on WIX: A Solid Foundation

WIX is a versatile and user-friendly platform, making it an excellent choice for Emma’s website. It allows for a high degree of customisation while being accessible for future updates. However, creating a site that stands out often requires thinking outside the box and custom coding— which is exactly what we did.

Revamping and Rewriting Content

Emma’s expertise and approach needed to shine through her website content. We took the time to revise and rewrite her existing content, ensuring it was both informative and engaging. Our goal was to make her knowledge accessible and her personality relatable, reflecting her dedication to celebrating neurodiversity and creating environments where individuals can thrive.

Thinking Outside the Box for Design

Designing Emma’s website was a creative endeavour. We needed a layout that could accommodate a wealth of information without overwhelming visitors. By using a clean, modern design with strategic pops of colour and the softness of rounded edges, we created a visually appealing site that guides users naturally through the content. High-quality images and intuitive navigation further enhance the user experience, making the website both beautiful and functional.

Custom Coding a Scrolling Header

One of the standout features of Emma’s new website is the custom-coded scrolling header. This feature ensures that essential navigation options are always within reach, enhancing the user experience. Crafting this element involved delving into WIX’s developer tools and integrating custom code to achieve the smooth, seamless scrolling effect we envisioned.

The Finished Product

The result is a website that truly represents Emma Pratt’s professional ethos and welcoming approach. It’s a space where potential clients can learn about her services, understand her approach, and feel confident in reaching out for support.

Working on Emma’s website was a rewarding experience, allowing us to merge technical skills with creative design to deliver a product that meets her needs and exceeds her expectations.

Check out Emma’s new website here

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