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Essential Website Pages for Your Tasmanian Business: A DIY Guide to Building an online presence

Building a website for your Tasmanian business? Great! Let’s simplify the process and make it less overwhelming.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the core pages you need. Think of it as creating an initial roadmap for your site, boosting your confidence in every choice you make.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Home: Your Digital Front Door

Your homepage is like the front door of your online space. Your home page should be an overview of what you do, and be the starting point of your customers journey. It’s important that you craft a headline that tells visitors HOW you want them to connect with you. Is that by learning more about your services, shop your online store or contact you for more info?

2. About: Sharing Your Business Story

A websites About Page is regularly shown as the second most visit page on a site. People like to know who they are doing business with. This page is where you share the story of you (if relevant) and your business. Focus on your values and why your business is excellent. Help your audience connect with your authenticity and quality.

3. Product/Service: Showcasing Your Best

Dedicate pages to your products or services. Highlight what makes them special. Show that they’re more than just products – they represent quality. Have the information displayed without clutter and ensure it is easy to read and understand. Ensure this page shows how your customers can utilise or purchase from you, don’t force them to guess any part of the journey!!

4. Reviews/Testimonials: Let Your Customers Speak

Create a page that shows off customer reviews. Let your satisfied customers share how your products or services have made a positive impact. This builds trust with a diverse audience! There are lots of tools that can automatically pull in your Facebook and Google Reviews or you can simply copy and paste the reviews into your site!

5. Blog: Sharing Insights and Updates

Your blog is a platform for sharing insights and updates. Whether it’s new products, industry tips, or celebrating achievements, your blog can connect with a diverse audience. Regularly blogging shows you are active and can help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

6. Contact: Bringing the World Closer

Share your contact details and let people know how accessible your business is. This page is the bridge that connects your customers directly to you! Ensure you have an easy to use form, this can be set up to prompt responses to speed up your query or customer service process.

7. Privacy Policy: Building Trust in a Digital World

In a world where privacy matters, assure your customers that their data is safe. Clearly outline your privacy policy, showing your commitment to transparency and ethical practices. This builds trust with your audience.

As a proud Tasmanian business, your local roots are a strong asset. With these essential website pages, you can confidently navigate the online world. This guide is your starting point – a simple map to help you feel secure in the choices you make while building your website. Good luck!

As you embark on building your website, remember that your authenticity is a powerful asset. With these essential website pages, you can confidently know you’re on the right track! From here you can build out extra pages that your specific business may need.

This guide serves as your starting point – a simple map to help you feel secure in the choices you make while crafting your website. Best of luck on your online journey and remember to reach out if you need support on your DIY website building journey!!