Will The Age of The Digital Detox Affect Your Marketing Efforts?

I have a setting on my phone that stops access to all apps except the phone and messages after I have hit a certain amount of hours of usage. In all honesty, I set the number of hours relatively high, knowing how much I use my phone for my business, and it is not often that I do in fact reach that quota.
However, the thought process is there, and even knowing that it’s on my phone makes me far more conscious of how much time I spend staring at the screen, and makes the time I allow myself to use my devices more valuable and important. This also makes the window of opportunity for businesses to put their products and services in front of me much smaller.
We harp on and on about engaging content and AUTHENTICITY in what is being posted. As we start to closely monitor the amount of time we are spending online, we are looking to follow and interact with people and businesses that bring us the most appeal, who give us value in our day to day lives – even if this means following pages that share funny cat videos – because who doesn’t love funny cat videos?!
Narrowing in on your target market, and creating content that appeals to them has never been as crucial as it is now!
We’re watching more videos then ever before, but much much shorter. You’ve got less than TWO seconds to gain interest.
Our expectations on branding, in particular photography, are rocketing sky high. Businesses must be making the effort to make their business look great. We are such visual creatures, but this will be dependent on your target market and the type of business you are, as to what your customers will expect.
The age of the Digital Detox WILL affect your marketing. But it doesn’t have to be negatively!
Use the tools available to you to get your product right under the noses of the people you wish to see it. All social media is free to use and those who have long term success are the ones who are utilising the correct platform for the right audience in a way that gets their attention.
Educate yourself on social media marketing, both paid and organic, or outsource this part of your business to a professional who is an expert in this field (i.e. US!) Who is your target market? What do they enjoy viewing and interacting with? Create content for them!
Thinking outside of the box is great, but steady, interesting and engaging content, will always win out in the end. Spend more time marketing smarter in 2020 and creating content that’s valuable to your target market, and you will reap the rewards!