Who Are You?

Who are you? Close your eyes (after this paragraph). Say your business name out loud. Think about your business. What comes STRAIGHT to your mind? Is it your clients? Is it a stressful day or situation? Is it your expenses or income? Open your eyes. Did you think about your

Who are you

ACTUAL business, who you are? It’s time to spend a few moments and do just that! What do you think your current and potential clients think of when they see/hear about your business? They are not worried about the administration side of your business, they see your logo, your website, your add in the yellow pages, they hear your name, they remember the great service they had… and from this they IMMEDIATELY form an opinion on whether or not you are the right business for them. Does your business branding truly represent the amazing service and products that you provide? If you are new to business, please feel free to use this information to set up a great foundation for your new adventure! If you have been in business a while, perhaps it’s time to look at what you currently have and see if there is any room for improvement. (If not then a massive high five!!) I’m going to go through some of the stages I went through to find my businesses brand, and how I am continuing this branding with success. WHO REALLY ARE YOU? Have you ever sat back and really thought about your business. Who are your clients? Who do you LOVE working with? What jobs do you do the most of?

Where do I go from here

The more you can narrow down who you want to target with your business, and the work you want to do, the more it helps to develop your businesses physical image. I wanted everyone. Everyone needs a website right? The whole world was to be my client! Until the day I sat back and really thought about my business. Who were my clients? Well apart from a couple on the mainland, my clients where located in Tasmania. They started me off, and they kept me going! I LOVED working with them. Getting to see them, physically, in their workplace made me happy! I was designing websites and helping small business owners and community groups use social media to increase their own business. Sitting next to them physical showing them how to do things. That was my “ah ha” moment. The light bulb went off and then I focussed on the next two steps. YOUR BUSINESS NAME It’s important. So important. THE MOST IMPORTANT. It’s what people call you!! Say your business name out loud again.

  • Is it easy to say?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it directly relate to what your business is?

These are not steadfast “rules” but they can assist in giving you a business name that people will remember. Unless you have the personality to match, perhaps going too quirky or creative might not work. There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple! If you would prefer to go down the fun route, again, make sure it is easy to say! Ticking each of these boxes, should be enough to get a name that TRULY suits you and your business. Case in point; my business name used to be Night Shadow Design. Easy to say, it made sense… but it didn’t relate directly to what my business is. I would go into a long spiel about how I worked at night time “in the shadows” sounding like a total creep and losing interest quickly. My business name now combines the two main elements of my business. The Island i.e. Tasmania and Creative i.e. the design side. It sounds much better when I explain that I am a Tasmanian business focussed on Tasmanians! THE LOGO This is where you will truly get your branding. Humans are very visual creatures. They are far more likely to recognise an image than a word, but then they will connect that image with the word. Think about some of the biggest brands in the world. All of them have a VERY recognisable logo! If you have a current logo, are currently designing a logo, or even just thinking of starting a business:

  • Is it appealing and easy to look at?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it directly relate to what your business is?

Unlike a business name, I believe you can be far more creative with a logo, especially if your business name is part of the logo. Colour, shapes or images in the right places all work together to form a really eye catching logo. *IMPORTANT*. If you have a logo (and you should) USE IT EVERYWHERE. You will not receive brand recognition if you are not allowing yourself to be recognised!

  • Is your logo on your business card?
  • On your actual product if possible?
  • On your advertising material?
  • On your website?
  • On your car if you have a business vehicle?

Nike wouldn’t have become Nike if they didn’t put their logo on EVERYTHING. Ultimately, to make the progression from a small business, to a small brand (remember you don’t have to take over the world, unless of course you want too!!) is ensuring you look the part. I’m assuming you’ve already got the products and service down pat… I know you’re awesome! I have some great branding packages available, that includes assistance for brand new businesses, who may not even have a name yet, to established business who need a freshen up. Contact me for more information!#branding#logo#business#website#socialmedia#theislandcreative#businessname