The power of A/B split testing

A/B split testing is a great way to measure the performance of your website, but what the heck is it and how does it work? The simplest way of explaining A/B split testing is that it’s a method of comparing two versions of a webpage against each other to determine which one performs better. The most common testing option would be for conversions, which is when someone goes to your website and actions something – like makes a purchase or signs up for regular newsletters. So you could measure the A/B split of your sales page or landing page to see which receives more conversions?

Why is split testing so beneficial? Because it makes it easier to fine tune your website to reach your ideal customer and essentially gives you a better chance of converting your website visitors into customers. It also creates more trust and establishes your business as the best option for your customer.

Confused yet? Yep, we don’t blame you. Stick with us and we’ll break it down.

  • How does split testing work? – Split testing works by taking two variations of a page and showing visitors each page alternately. The idea is to track which page gets the most conversions. The first visitor would see page A, the second visitor would see page B, the third visitor would see page A… and so on. At the end of the test you’ll be able to see which version of the page works best with your audience. You can then use that data to inform which design you use moving forward.
  • Split testing benefits – The main benefit of split testing is to improve your marketing and conversions. More conversions mean an increased number of leads or sales from the same level of traffic. Split testing also helps to improve user engagement as you’re actively improving your website to better appeal to your visitors, win/win.
  • When should you consider split testing? – The great thing about split testing is that it can be carried out at any time. If you’re looking to grow your business or to get a better return on your investment, then you should consider testing and improving your content as often as possible. Remember, a website isn’t permanent, your business is constantly changing and evolving so your website should too.
  • What can you test? – Split testing isn’t limited to one element only, which is why it provides you with multiple benefits. You can run split testing on a wide variety of things such as headlines, images, content, buttons, forms and more.

So, now that you know what Split testing is and why it’s a great way to ensure your website remains relevant to your ideal customer it’s time to get testing.

There are some great Split testing tools available, here are our favourites;

Split testing tools – One great example is SplitHero (link:, another is Google Optimize (link: Accounts – Optimize (