The Importance of Sharing Your Business Website on Social Media

You might be a little confused about what we mean when we say sharing your business website on social media is important. It’s alright to be confused, we are here to explain it for you. Every time you share your business website across your social media platforms, you create what is known as a “backlink”. Now a backlink is the term used to define the use of a URL hyperlink being shared from one web page (e.g. social media platforms) to another website (e.g. your website). Backlinks are very important as the more you have that point people to your website, the more popular it will be! Shout Me Loud explain that backlinks are one of the MOST important aspects of SEO ranking. Put simply, backlinks make a huge impact on a website’s popularity in search engine results, like google. You will often notice that in our social media posts (on Facebook and Instagram) that we share our website in the text section of our post (see picture, below).

What this does, is a number of things: 1. It provides a direct link to your website that your customers and potential customers can click on easily. 2. It provides you with more visibility in search results. 3. It helps your website become indexed quicker in search results. 4. It is one of the important and the most crucial aspect of SEO. It really blows our mind the amount of times we see businesses on social media failing to use backlinks in their posts. It really is super easy to do and is one of the single most effective way to get your website noticed in Google rankings (or other search engines). We can’t wait to see more people popping their website URL into their social media posts. See you next month, The Island Creative Crew.