Some free advice… for Paid Advertising

I have been noticing a lot of sponsored posts on my Newsfeed lately that may not be working the way you want them to… Here are two things I wanted to point out if you are spending money on Facebook Advertising. 1. Choosing your target audience.

Who is your target market? Take the time to sit down and figure it out. Once you have done that, narrow it down again. Your target market is never EVERYONE. Never. The more specific you can be on narrowing down who you want to target with your advertising campaign the more success you will have. Why? Because Facebook will then only show your add to the people who have a genuine interest in your product/service. 2.Give your post a purpose. Is your purpose to sell a product? Include a link to your website. Is the purpose to book a service? Include a link to your website. Is the purpose to provide more in depth information? Provide a link to your website. Picking up what I am putting down? Sponsoring a post of images is great, but if you do not give people an easy way to connect with you, then your wasting your advertising dollars. Social Media campaigns have proven to be up to 60% more effective than traditional advertising campaigns, but only if you use the features available to your advantage!! Like some more advice on Facebook Advertising? Contact us!