Should I Be Blogging For My Business?

First of all, yes you should be! But why should you be blogging for your business? Well, let us explain…
We love the concept of blogging in business, not only for ourselves but also our clients, and there’s a ton of reasons why we encourage our clients to start a blog. Rather than keeping this little golden nugget a secret, we thought it was about time we shared the benefits with EVERYONE! Blogging is great for any business because you can really make it whatever you want it to be, whether you want to keep your customers up to date, you need to answer some frequently asked questions, you want to educate your audience, or simply provide some valuable content; you can choose the language/voice you write in and what you write about to really make it your own. So let’s dive into it!
SEO Ever heard of Search Engine Optimisation? It’s basically getting your website setup to perform well on search engines, such as google, bing and yahoo. This comes down to using the right words on your website so your it pops up in front of people who might be looking for your services. Regularly adding a new blog to your website means you’re adding a lot more fresh content to your website, giving the search engines more opportunities to discover you and share your website with potential customers. Pretty cool, hey?

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.Content for Social Media Writing a heap of different content for your regular social media updates can be hard, and keeping your feed interesting with plenty of variety can be even harder! Sharing a weekly/monthly blog is a great way to spice things up on your social media. It will be something a little different to what your customer normally see from you, maybe even a bit more insight into your business?Got an online store? Sharing a blog might encourage more customers to click through to your website, and potentially lead to an online sale! As well as providing some different content to share on your social media, writing a blog will really get the brain ticking and in the process you may learn some valuable information about your industry that can be used in other content you create throughout the month, allowing you to create a bit of a theme for your social media that month.
Build Your BrandWe spoke about branding done right in one of our previous blogs, and blogging can be a great contribution to building your brand. Writing a blog gives you an opportunity to distinguish your brand, share more about what you do in a way that doesn’t feel pushy, and show your followers a more personal side of your business they might not otherwise normally see. Through blogs you can give your customers a sense of your business values, character, and vision, and do it in a way that really tells your customers who you are, making them feel connected and on the same level as you.
Value Add If you’re wanting to become the business who people turn to for advice, blogs are your best friend! It’s the perfect tool to provide free and valuable information to your customers, at a small expense to the business. Slowly, customers will begin to respect you for this and turn to you to answer their questions, you’re creating an audience who look forward to receiving the next blog post. Providing them with valuable information from your industry could really help them solve a problem, make their life easier or provide them with some interesting information they enjoy reading.
This is what we call VALUE ADD and your customers will LOVE you for it! You’re adding value to the customer’s experience with your business. They might not be a customer who’s ready to spend money with your business now, but when they are, you will be the first business they will think of. You’ve spent the time building up their loyalty & trust, and they really feel like they connect with you!

60% of consumers feel engaged/positive with a brand or company after reading custom content on their blog.Generate Leads Have you ever seen an interesting article pop up on your newsfeed and just have to click through to read the entire thing? Then you find the blog you read is really informative and useful, so you decide to subscribe to their mailing list to receive more of that amazingness every month? Guess what?! You can do the same process for your business!
When you start writing a blog for your business, you are creating the perfect opportunity to generate leads. Just like we mentioned above, the potential customer might not be ready for your product/service now, but when the time is right, you’re going to be the first business they think of. Building an email list is so valuable to a business, it’s literally a list of prospective customers who you can reach out to at any time to share any information you like with them. Continue feeding them your amazing content on a regular basis and they will fall in love with you and your business!On average, companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month than those without.
Become the Industry ExpertShow your customers you mean business! Do you want to be respected in your industry and demonstrate to your customers why you stand out from the rest? Write a blog! Regularly providing your audience with useful information that’s relative to your industry will begin to show them that you know what you’re talking about. Slowly, your audience will build trust with you, the information you provide will become useful to them and they will look to you as an industry expert. Not only will they come to you for business, but they will start to refer their family and friends as well, because they trust you!
What are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative and start writing! Don’t know where to start? Begin with brainstorming some topics first and get a good list of together of topics you would like to write about. Reach out to your audience, maybe they have some questions they would like you to answer? Or simply start out writing about yourself and how you started your business, people love to hear the personal side of your business and become a part of your journey.