Lets Go Live in 2020!

This is it.. Consider this our challenge together to conquer this absolutely crucial marketing technique in 2020. Are you ready? *Gulp* I don’t think I am. Over my eight years in business, I have gathered a bathtub full of knowledge and so much of my learning has been through diving right into things and just getting it done, so in theory, the best way for me to overcome this mental hurdle of live videos would be to jump right in and just start talking right? Eeeeek! My problem? Imposter syndrome. Self-diagnosed of course! Come about from unrealistic expectations to be perfect in this digital age. I watch other women talking about their businesses with such ease and perfection! It could never be me I proclaim, I am not good enough! Five minutes later, at a party, I monologue for 18 minutes straight to interested friends, off the cuff about the wonders of organic social media, why website design is alive and well and how I am steadily building my business… SMH.
But it can be me and it can also be you! I am not going to claim to be queen when it comes to video but here are some tips and challenges I have set for myself to take on in 2020. WE CAN DO IT!

  1. Record your video in a place you feel comfortable. Somewhere with great lighting, where you feel your best. When I have pre-record vids, often this has been my car!
  2. Write yourself some notes or bullet points about the things you want to discuss. Even if you go off-topic slightly, you can check on your notes and pull yourself back to the point of your video.
  3. Make a goal to do a certain number of live videos each week. I am going to aim for two.
  4. Most of all, remember that people enjoy watching videos that are REAL. You are human. You don’t have to be a machine recorded message. Laugh and joke if that is who you are and show how much passion you have for your business.

I honestly don’t think there is much more to it than that. It REALLY is going to have to be something that we jump into with two feet and learn as we go. We will only get better and more comfortable in front of the camera as we go along. There’s really nothing (that) bad that could happen if we just give it a go, our customers will have a whole new level of respect for us for at least giving it ago and just like anything else, by the end of 2020 it will be like riding a bike.
Imagine what we could achieve in the next 12 months if we are willing to throw ourselves out there and show how knowledgeable and passionate we are about our products or services.