How to formulate your brand voice! 

Cool and casual, formal and matter-of-fact, scientific and evidence-based…there are so many tones and directions to take your business communication in, but how do you pick the right one and how do you decide what do you want your product or service to say?

It’s important to first analyse who your ideal client is so that you can tailor your brand language to communicate directly with your target demographic. 

Here are our top tips for deciding on your brand voice and doing it with authenticity. 

What are you all about (what’s your mission)? 

Consider your brand vision and mission statement – How you position your brand voice will be impacted and driven by your vision for your business and the image you wish to cultivate. You need to look closely at your who, what, when, where and why because that informs your communication style. 

Who is your intended audience? 

What kind of voice will resonate most with them? If you are a conservative brand hoping to capture an audience of polite Nannas who mind their p’s & q’s, it’s probably best to leave the salty language out of your marketing material. 

Look closely at how your target demographic communicates, are there trends in communication to consider, especially if you are using platforms like Instagram and TicTok to reach your audience. If you are looking to engage with Gen Z (children born between 1995 – 2009) it’s important to consider their vernacular and the language they connect with. The words are important and you want to do your research – according to McCrindle Research Gen Z are the largest generation ever, making up approximately 20% of Australia’s population (that’s a huge market segment). 

The words you use might seem like mere semantics, but don’t be fooled….. sticks and stones may break your bones but words will ruin your business! Don’t make the mistake of being a basic bitch when it comes to marketing to Gen Z or you’ll end up getting cancelled! Don’t understand what I’m saying? Better get on Google, stat! 

Be authentic. 

Your clients and customers are smart, especially that Gen Z. They can smell bullshit from a mile away (clearly our ideal client doesn’t mind the odd swear word) so whatever tone and voice you choose it needs to be reflective of your brand. Don’t try to be something or someone you aren’t, often our businesses are reflective of our identity as business owners and that’s ok because as the saying goes “your vibe attracts your tribe.”

It’s that simple! 

Written by our team of “Elder Millennials”. 

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