Grow Your Business From Your Customers Inbox – Email Marketing Tips

Scenario: A client purchases an item from you. Provides their contact information, ticks yes to receiving communication from you… then never hears from you again. YIKES!
EDM… AKA: Electronic Direct Mail is the #1 warm marketing tool available. You’ve already gained their interest. They wouldn’t be on your email list without their consent so make 2020 the year that you start appearing in your customer’s inbox!
There are so many ways you can use EDM’s in your business. We personally send out a monthly newsletter and we have found that our clients often use this monthly newsletter as a trigger to contact us. It keeps us top of mind when they require a new service or edits to their current one. We remind our subscribers about our services, any specials we might be having, amazing results we are seeing in other clients and any other important information we require them to know about.
For one of our e-commerce clients, we use EDM’s fortnightly to share products, specials, and competitions. As recently as November, our client had $700 worth of sales within hours of sending the email to their customers! An effective campaign generated sales that may never have spent money on her website otherwise. So, what are our tips to ensure an effective EDM Campaign?

  1. Ensure you have a really easy way for clients to subscribe themselves to your mailing list. Your e-commerce platform will have easy integration, if you are service-based make it part of your contact form and if you sell products online make sure their email is automatically added to your mailing list when they make an order.
  2. Send regular emails… But not too many. This is really industry-specific and often unique to each business. We find one a month works best for us. E-commerce can benefit from 1 – 2 a week, in certain instances one a day can be warmly welcomed.
  3. Take advantage of your analytics. No matter the program you use to send your EDM’s they will provide you with comprehensive analytical data on open rates, click through and if you are e-commerce, the revenue your email has generated. You can use this data to find out how often to send your emails, the time of day they are most likely to be opened and what type of information your audience is interested in.
  4. Experiment! Try different subject lines, emoji’s, images, time of day, day of the week to find the sweet spot when your clients like to see your email appear in their inbox!