Blogging for business


They say time flies when you’re busy and boy are they right! We have been so busy helping your amazing businesses grow that we have been neglecting our own social media needs. This is where Serena comes in…Serena is our newest addition to the Island Creative crew and she is in charge of not only managing social media content to make your business grow… But, she is also our resident blogger! We are now offering an additional social media service… Blogging! There are so many benefits for adding a blog to your business website:

  • Blogging helps drive business to your website. Providing your business with additional opportunities to show up in search engines!
  • Blogging and social media go hand in hand! It will strengthen your social media reach and drive new visitors to your website when you promote your blog content on social media. See? They really do go hand in hand. You’ll get additional website clicks by sharing your blog on your social media platforms.
  • Blogging is personal. It tells your current and potential customers who you are and the values that you represent! It also humanises your business brand and people will find you more approachable.
  • Blogging is a long game. Let’s be honest, you’re on Facebook and you come across a blog post one of your friends have shared… Have you ever noticed the date it was posted? I have! Often they are months and sometimes a year or two old. So whilst blogging isn’t instant, if you stick at it, the clicks will come! According to HubSpot over 75% of a websites traffic come from people reading the older blog posts!

So whilst you won’t see the benefits of blogging immediately, I guarantee that over time you will notice the difference and see exactly how great and important blogging is as a tool to encourage customers to visit your business! I look forward to helping you and your business reach its full potential. If you would like to have a chat about our new blogging services, or how I can help manage and maintain your social media platforms, then contact us today to get started… See you next month, The Island Creative Crew.